Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

Watch a show put on by some of the most beautiful mammals in the world with an afternoon spent whale watching in Sri Lanka. The best places to spot a whale in Sri Lanka is just off the eastern, southern or west coast. With the sun beaming down, you'll have exceptional views of the open ocean and catch the world's largest sea creatures in their natural habitat. If you're visiting Sri Lanka, we highly suggest booking a whale watching excursion. Here's everything you need to know to help make the most out of your experience:

Best time to go whale watching

If you want to go blue whale watching in Sri Lanka, the best time of year to go is between February and mid-March. Yes, it's a very short window of opportunity, but if you plan your trip accordingly, you shouldn't have any trouble spotting them in the ocean. February to March is the best time to spot blue whales because this is when they migrate across oceans. They like to hang out around the coasts of Sri Lanka because their favourite fish, krill, can easily be found here.

Of course, you can see more whale species during your whale watching expedition including minke, sperm, fin, and humpback. You have to have a very keen eye at all times when you're out on the boat and have your camera at the ready if you plan on snapping some great photos.

Dolphins are also known to frequent the waters around Sri Lanka, so watch out for those too. The best time to see all of these different species is between late November and mid-April.

Where should you go whale watching?

The number one place to enjoy fantastic whale watching is in Mirissa. When whale watching season is in full swing, make the most out of the opportunity and book yourself an amazing expedition. The reason why Mirissa Sri Lanka whale watching is so good is that it's where you're most likely to catch a sighting of killer whales and other species such as sperm, bryde, and fin. It's also not unusual to see a few bottlenose and spinner dolphins poking their heads up from the ocean to say hello.

The ideal time to go whale watching in Mirissa is between May and October when the waters are nice and calm. The runner-up location for whale watching in Sri Lanka is Trincomalee, where Blue whales frequent the waters in search of small fish to gobble up. Trincomalee is a historical city and home to some of the most stunning beaches in the country.

Another superb location to spot whales is Kalpitiya, where you'll see all sorts of species such as dwarf sperm whales, melon-headed whales, minke whales, and blue whales. You're also most likely to see dolphins skimming the azure blue waters from the Kalpitiya coast too.

Before you book your excursion, make sure you go at the right time of the year. Usually, Sri Lanka whale watching season is best between March/April and then towards the end of summer.

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