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Buy US Dollars

If you’re off to the United States and figuring out the Dollars to Pounds exchange rate in addition to handling all the other matters associated with a vacation, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll have much less to worry about when it comes to your holiday finances with Thomas Cook. US Dollars are used right across the States, from Texas to California and Florida to Wisconsin, so wherever you’re headed to you’ll be able to use your Dollars everywhere. It’s also easy to access what you need using a variety of methods.

The US Dollar is one of the world’s most recognisable, powerful and traded currencies, and as well as being used across North America there are also several countries in the Americas that use it, including El Salvador, Panama and Ecuador. If you’re interested in the Pound to Dollar exchange rate figures for your upcoming vacation, you’ll find that Thomas Cook Travel Money provides a competitive exchange rate. It has the added advantage that you can arrange to buy your currency online for home delivery, or reserve and collect it in-store. This flexibility provides you with a choice to suit your travel arrangements and personal preferences, so order your US Dollars today from our trusted travel experts.

There are endless opportunities for you to spend your dollars in America, with Florida and Las Vegas highest on our list of favourite holiday destinations. How about a shopping trip to New York? Or seeing the sights in LA? We’ll give you excellent exchange rates on a range of different currencies and ensure that you have all the ready cash or card top-ups you need to enjoy a great holiday in the States.

The US Dollar is not the only currency on offer from Thomas Cook Travel Money, as we can also arrange competitive USD to Pound rates for your return trip, as well as providing you with Euros and many other types of currencies. You can, for example, buy Canadian Dollars, Bulgarian Levs, UAE Dirhams, Turkish Lira, Swiss Francs, Australian Dollars and Czech Korunas. If you’re heading for countries outside of the States you have plenty of options available and a convenient means of accessing the currency of your choice.

You can have your currency as cash or have it put onto your travel money card, which is a secure and convenient method of carrying money around when you’re in an unfamiliar country.

Whichever option you go for when exchanging your money for US Dollars or other currencies, you’ll find that Thomas Cook Money provides you with the flexibility and competitive rates you require for your purposes. Take advantage of our exchange rates and you’ll be ready for anything when you’re on holiday. From the Statue of Liberty to the Grand Canyon, America is full of cultural and natural attractions that will take your breath away. With quick and easy access to your US Dollars, you’ll never find yourself short, whether you’re booking a trip by bus or planning a visit to Disneyland.

Great Rates on Foreign Currency

The US Dollar is not the only currency we offer. With Thomas Cook Travel Money you can also buy Turkish Lira, buy Euros, buy Swiss Francs, buy Egyptian Pounds, buy Canadian Dollars, buy UAE Dirhams, buy Czech Koruna, buy Australian Dollars and buy Bulgarian Lev. Whether you’d like to have your foreign currency as cash or on our secure and convenient travel money card, you can expect competitive and up to date exchange rates with Thomas Cook Travel Money.

Check out the latest great rates on foreign currency with out handy rate board below:

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