The largest Greek island in the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia is a stunning destination boasting picturesque landscapes, chalk white beaches and pebbly bays that have inspired thousands to visit each year. Explore Kefalonia on foot as you hike through the hillsides; take a boat trip to the underground Melissani Lake; or even rent a sea kayak and navigate around the coastline. There’s plenty to discover on a holiday to Kefalonia with numerous archaeological sites and scenic paths to explore. Don’t forget to enjoy the best authentic Greek cuisine at one of the many tavernas and restaurants around the island’s seafront.

Kefalonia’s Chalk white beaches

Surrounded by bottle green pine forests and calm turquoise water, the chalk white beaches on Kefalonia’s coastline are amongst the most beautiful across all of the Ionian Islands. Perfect for relaxing, swimming, snorkelling or diving there’s plenty of reasons to take a holiday to one of Kefalonia’s beach resorts next summer.

Skala resort town

Take a day trip to the south east of the island and visit Skala Town. This former fishing village has an authentic Greek charm and is a great spot to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the scenic views. The three kilometre beach line has plenty to see and do with water sports, sun loungers, boat trips and a long strip of tavernas and restaurants serving traditional Greek Messe. Nearby there are hiking trails into the mountains and ancient Roman ruins including a 3rd century Roman villa.

Day trips to Myrtos Bay

Often described as one of the most dramatic beaches in all of Greece, Myrtos Bay is a mile and a half long arc of dazzling white pebble stones and striking limestone cliffs. The beach line is unspoilt from tourism and water sports are not allowed in the bay. It’s a peaceful spot and the perfect beach to sit back, relax and work on your sun tan.