Kassiopi Nightlife: The Best Bars & Clubs

If you're looking for a mix of sandy beaches, historic castles and a vibrant scene after dark, Kassiopi nightlife won't disappoint. This stunning village is perched on the northeast coast of Corfu and home to lots of great shops and a healthy variety of late-night bars and clubs. Beach tavernas stay open late too, so you can sip on a refreshing drink while you relax on the beach or take the excitement up a notch with an intense foam party at a nearby club after sunset. Some of the best bars are found near the harbour and offer a range of delicious cocktails and live entertainment on a nightly basis. Whether you love to dance the night away to the DJ's beats or chill out in a quiet bar overlooking the sea, the nightlife choices are endless in Kassiopi.  

Best Bars in Kassiopi

Harbour Bar is one of those bars with such a good atmosphere that you'll never want to leave. It's been open since 1980 and overlooks the stunning Ionian Sea, making it a bar with some of the best coastal views in the village. Locals and foreigners meet in this relaxing spot and it's never difficult to strike up a conversation with the friendly people around you. Inside, you're treated to tasty cocktails and fantastic music. If you like, you can even have your cocktail served inside of a giant watermelon, which brings something a little different to your experience! Some great Kassiopi bars include Visions Bar and Kostas Bar. Visions Bar serves every drink with a smile and has a very relaxed and calm vibe to it. Sit back on the comfy seats and enjoy a few free nibbles as you sip on a cocktail or down your favourite beer. Kostas Bar is another superb choice and the perfect spot to hit if you're looking to enjoy a night of live Greek dancing. This bar guarantees a fun time out and it's open till late too, so you can easily spend an entire night out here and even feel tempted to return again the next night! For a relaxed night out with fewer crowds, make your way to One for the Road, which is one of the most laid-back Kassiopi bars. It serves cheap drinks, saving you money from the more expensive cocktails you'll find in some of the more popular clubs in the area. It's not exactly a trendy bar, but it is a favourite with the locals, probably because it's got a traditional Greek feel to it paired with a very chilled atmosphere. It's a lovely spot to sit and relax and be able to have a chat.  

Best Clubs in Kassiopi

Often voted as the number one club in Kassiopi, Illusions Bar is brilliant for an exciting night out with your friends. The staff members are known for their friendly and upbeat attitude and nothing is ever too much trouble for them. Most people who come to experience Kassiopi nightlife can't help but scream and shout about Illusions Bar. Inside, you'll discover awesome music, live DJ's and a superb selection of drinks to choose from. Plus, some nights are dedicated to karaoke, which is a lot of fun and tends to get people up and dancing. One of the best Kassiopi clubs has got to be Damianos Bar, which is famous locally for its expert cocktails made from fresh fruit. Guests flock to this club for its lively atmosphere. You can sit outside and enjoy the warm sunshine on your skin or keep the party indoors, where you'll find live sports playing on the screens alongside a few pool tables. The bar area is more of a top club, where you can dance to the DJ's music and party the night away. The cocktail menu is diverse too, serving everything from traditional strawberry daiquiris to the harder to find salted caramel chocolate cocktail - perfect if you've got a sweet tooth. For a classic nightclub experience, head to Passion Club, which is literally a constant party all night long. The bartenders are friendly and the DJ plays long into the night. The music is some of the best you'll find in Kassiopi clubs, featuring a mix of party anthems from the modern era. Lime Lounge is another bar that's on the verge of being a nightclub. It's got a quality cocktail bar and constant live entertainment, so if you're looking for a lot of fun on your night out, this is the place to be.