Visit Punta Gorda

Visit Punta Gorda / Englewood Beach

River Adventures and Coastal Delights Await

Dreaming of a Florida holiday that's fun for the whole family? Punta Gorda’s calling! It lies just 30 minutes north of Fort Myers along Florida’s Southwest Coast and is packed with river adventures, waterfront shopping, wildlife viewing and award-winning cuisine.

Renowned as a top sport-fishing destination, Punta Gorda / Englewood Beach sits at the confluence of the Peace River, Myakka River, and Charlotte Harbor making it an ideal location for watersports. Whether you're into paddleboarding, yachting, or casting a line to catch a largemouth bass, there's something for everyone here.

As for the vibe along Harborwalk - it stretches for over 2.5 miles of the Charlotte Harbor shoreline. The end point is Fishermen’s Village - a buzzing hub with shops and restaurants serving up the freshest coastal dishes you've ever tasted.  

Punta Gorda’s parks and attractions offer outdoor recreation and fun for grown-ups and kids alike. Make sure you don’t miss the Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens, IguanaLand, Peace River Wildlife Center or Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours.   

Aqua Adventures

Discover Seashore Secrets

Dive into the aquatic wonders of Punta Gorda, where the sparkling waters beckon with a thrilling range of experiences, from fishing expeditions to enchanting encounters with dolphins on sunset cruises. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice enthusiast, these waters offer abundant opportunities for reeling in prized catches and creating unforgettable memories.

Keen to try something more immersive? Grab a paddleboard and glide along the serene coastline, soaking in the breathtaking vistas and the gentle lapping of the waves. A SUP will give you a unique perspective of Punta Gorda's stunning shoreline, whether you're exploring hidden coves or navigating through mangrove-lined waterways.

Trail Tales

Discover Wildlife Wonders

Nestled within this picturesque region, Cedar Point Environmental Park invites you to traverse a leisurely 3.5 mile hike through tranquil landscapes, offering glimpses of armadillos and majestic nesting bald eagles in their natural habitats. As you venture further into Port Charlotte, the trail leads you through the expansive Tippecanoe Environmental Park, spanning 380 acres of pristine uplands and wetlands along the scenic Tippecanoe Bay. 

For an even more enticing wildlife experience, head to Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park, Florida's third-largest state park, spanning over 43,400 acres of wilderness. Take a guided hike or kayak through the park's mangrove forests. The reward? You'll be greeted by wading birds, playful dolphins, serene manatees, and more. And for an unforgettable adventure, embark on a 90-minute Swamp Buggy tour, traversing Florida's diverse ecosystems and giving the opportunity to spot alligators and deer, providing excitement for the whole family.

Cityscape Chronicles

The Vibrant Heart of Punta Gorda / Englewood Beach

Adorned with 30 stunning murals, the downtown district offers a visual feast for the eyes. A mobile app guides you from one to the next, providing commentary and insight into each artistic piece. If you’re keen to see even more masterpieces visit the Visual Arts Center, featuring the work of local talents across three galleries. For a symphony of cultural experiences, head to the Charlotte Performing Arts Center, where the stage comes alive with enchanting performances. 

History buffs won’t want to miss the immersive experience awaiting at the Military Heritage Museum, where you can embark on a VR flight and engage with veterans who serve as guides.

Afterwards, indulge your taste buds with artisanal hand-crafted treats at Punta Gorda Chocolate & Wine. For a memorable evening, dine against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset at TT's Tiki Bar or groove to the rhythm of live music at Celtic Ray Public House, where the atmosphere is always buzzing with energy and excitement.