Things to do in Mahon

While other towns around Menorca’s coastline are perfect for beach holidays, Mahon is made for a different kind of relaxation. You won’t have far to go if you do fancy a lazy day on a sun lounger (about 15-20 minutes by road), but your holiday here will be more about exploring romantic ruins and huge fortresses, soaking up the atmosphere of the local markets and watching the to-and-fro of the beautiful natural harbour. Mahon is a brilliant place to go if you’re into culture, food and the kinds of views that wouldn’t look out of place on a postcard.

1. Cala Figuera Spain

There are lots of great places to eat in Mahon so you’ll be spoilt for choice wherever you decide to dine, with everything from authentic Asian menus to traditional Italian trattorias available. But for the most stylish evening meal,
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2. Shopping In Mahon

Shopaholics love Mahon, which is as much of a retail paradise as any other self-respecting capital. While things here are a little more low-key than in a big city, you’ll still find all sorts of reasons to reach for your Euros.
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3. Fort In Mahon Spain

There’s a huge 19th-century fortress at the mouth of Mahon’s vast harbour and it’s one of the top things to see in Mahon according to TripAdvisor members. Fortalesa De La Mola (also called Fortalesa Isabel II) is a great place to go if you like exploring as it’s very well preserved.
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