Take a break from your hectic schedule and truly unwind on a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday to Cayo Coco. Located on the stunning archipelago of Jardines del Rey, just off the north coast of Cuba, you won’t find many places more exotic and blissful than this dreamy Cuban resort. Jardines del Rey literally translates as ‘King’s Gardens’, so that gives you an idea of just how beautiful the surrounding area of the resort is. So grab a cocktail and take a moment to just picture yourself there.

Superb beaches

Everywhere you turn in Cayo Coco, you’ll find immaculate white sand beaches with swaying green palms and dazzling azure seas. It would be very tempting to just lay back and soak up the sun all day, occasionally dipping into a good book or swigging on a fruity thirst-quencher. But Cayo Coco is famous for its excellent water sports offering, so why not try your hand at some while you’re there?

Stunning sea life

The coral reef off the coast of Cuba is one of the biggest in the world, so you’d be missing out if you didn’t take the opportunity to delve deep below the crystal clear waters and see the colourful marine life for yourself. If scuba diving is your thing, then there are plenty of opportunities to give this a go. Alternatively, you may prefer to take the more leisurely approach of snorkelling, which of course is more than fine too.

Cuban culture

Cuba may well be the largest of the Caribbean islands, but it certainly still has the same cool, calm and laid-back vibe that the Caribbean is so famous for. Having said that, the island sure knows how to party too. If you don’t want to stay in one place on your holiday, you can sample incredible food, drink and parties in various hotels along the beaches of Cayo Coco. You can also make the journey along the causeway linking Cayo Coco to the mainland and enjoy the local culture of Morón.