Avg weather in September
12 Hrs per day
63 mm per month
63 % avg
4 Mph avg

Bulgaria Weather in September

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What’s the weather like in Bulgaria in September?

Located in southeast Europe, Bulgaria has a dynamic climate that’s different around the country. If you’re heading to the popular Black Sea coast in September then you’ll get high temperatures and lots of sun, as the long, hot summer continues into the month.

Balkan Mountains

The Balkan Mountains run through the middle of the country from east to west, and have a big impact on the weather in Bulgaria, which is the meeting point of Mediterranean and continental air masses. You’ll get cooler temperatures and more rain in the north than the south because of the mountains. Things are quite pleasant on the coast due to the Black Sea waters, where you’ll be kept cool by breezes.


Burgas on the Black Sea coast gives a good idea of what the weather will be like in this part of Bulgaria, and has an average high of 25ºC in September. Things can get a bit cool at night so bring some warmer clothes for the evenings, which dip to 14ºC. The sea temperature’s 22ºC, while humidity’s low. Average rainfall’s 34mm over four rainy days and you can expect 12 hours of daylight with eight hours of sunshine at a moderate UV level each day. The sun goes down at 7.45pm at the start of September.

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