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Over 160 years ago Thomas Cook created the first package holiday out of a sense of social responsibility. In keeping with the values of the Victorian Society of the day, he believed that by offering alternative, more virtuous and learning leisure activities, the lives of working people would be greatly improved if they became better educated through travel.

Fast-forward to the 21st century and the Thomas Cook name lives on as one of the world’s best known and respected brands in travel. And over the years the business has helped millions of people to relax, unwind and broaden their horizons.

Today we are still inspired by those values. We believe they make a world of difference, not only to our customers but to all the people whose lives we touch. 

Sustainable Tourism (also called Responsible Tourism) is simply about making a positive difference to the people and environment of destinations we travel to by:

- Respecting local cultures and the natural environment

- Buying local, giving fair economic returns to local families

- Recognising that water and energy are precious resources that we need to use carefully

- Helping to protect endangered wildlife

- Protecting and enhancing favourite destinations for the future enjoyment of visitors and the people who live there

- Taking responsibility for our actions while enjoying ourselves

Our Sustainable Tourism site is split up into 6 sections, and each will give an insight into how we can all help to preserve the holiday destinations we love to visit.

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