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What Are My Baggage Restrictions?

Hand Baggage

You are allowed one piece of hand baggage only which must not exceed 5 kg in weight or 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm in size. One piece of hand baggage includes handbags, laptops etc, anyone carrying any more than one piece of hand baggage will be referred back to check-in. Pack photographic film in hand baggage as low dose X-ray machines will not affect it.

Items such as knives, scissors, tweezers and laser pointers may not be carried as hand baggage, these should only be carried as hold baggage only.

Any sharp items found in hand baggage will be confiscated.

Prohibited items include those items listed under dangerous goods and restricted articles.

Liquids, creams and gels are now permitted and may include:

Shampoo, creams, suntan lotions, toothpast, hair gel, hair spray, perfumes, liquid or aerosol deodorants, cosmetics such as mascara and lip gloss, water and other drinks, soups and syrups, other items of a similar consistency.

They are subject to the following rules. The volume of each container must not exceed 100ml (100 g). Containers should be packed inside a re-sealable plastic bag that does not exceed 1 litre in size (a bag approximately 20cm by 20cm would be acceptable, this is similare to a small freezer bag.

This plastic bag must be packed in a way that each container is clearly visible and the bag can be sealed. One plastic bag per passenger is permitted. The plastic bag must be presented separately at Security for x-ray screening.

The following exceptions apply to the above rules:
  • Prescription medication for the trip is permitted with no ceiling on quantity. Please note that the definition of trip is the journey to the destination, not the whole duration of the period of time away.
  • Non-prescription medication for the trip is permitted up to a maximum container size of 500ml.
  • Special dietary needs – liquid foodstuffs are permitted where there is a genuine requirement for them, again this applies to the trip. The container must be re-sealable and the passenger will be required to taste the contents at outbound control.
  • Duty Free purchased on-board an EC carrier or at an EC airport are permitted as long as it is contained in a tamper-proof bag which should remain sealed and a valid receipt can be produced. This applies to the day of purchase only and covers transfers and pax on day returns.

Hold baggage

Hold baggage must not exceed the allowance stated on your ticket or a charge will be incurred. Allowances range from 15 kg to 30 kg.

Individual items of luggage must not exceed 30kg for lifting purposes.


Please remember to pack any valuables including money, credit cards, jewellery, keys and camera equipment in your hand luggage and not in your suitcase.

Sports Equipment

We recommend that all your sporting equipment is insured separately, since more valuable or fragile items may not be covered by our insurance.
Simply call us no later than 3 working days before your departure.

Sporting equipment charges:

Golf clubs (half and full sets) can be pre-booked prior to travel at a charge of £20 short haul/mid haul and £40 long haul for the return trip. Your golf clubs must be suitably packed.
Weight allowance for golf clubs is 15kg. Please also double check there is golf club allocation before confirming your flight, as availability is limited  

Bikes are charged at £40 short haul/mid haul and £60 long haul for the return trip.

Tandem bikes are charged at £45 short/mid haul and £55 long haul for the return trip.

Your bike should be presented for check-in with the front wheel removed, the handlebars turned in line with the frame, the pedals either removed or turned inwards. Bikes should be packed in a cardboard box or have some protection against damaging other baggage.

Canoes are charged at £40 short haul/mid haul and £60 long haul
for the return trip. Maximum length for canoe is 12ft or 3.65metres.

Paragliders are charged at £40 short haul/mid haul and £60 long haul for the return trip.

Hang gliders are charged at £40 short haul/mid haul and £60 long haul for the return trip.

Kiteboards are charged at £40 short haul/mid haul and £60 long haul for the return trip.

Surfboards and body boards are charged at £40 short haul/mid haul and £60 long haul for the return trip.

Windsurf boards are charged at £40 short haul/mid haul and £60 long haul for the return trip.

Body/boogie boards are charged at £30 short/mid haul and £60 long haul for the return trip.

Scuba diving equipment upto 10kg weight can be pre-booked prior to travel at charge of £20 short haul/mid haul and £40 for long haul. Equipment should be pack separately from other baggage as it may need to be checked at check-in.
If scuba diving equipment has not been pre-booked, excess baggage charges will be charged if the stated baggage allowance is exceeded.

Firearms will be carried in the hold of the aircraft and are charged at £30. You must carry the necessary license with you. They must be packed securely in a suitable box, which can be sealed once checked. A maximum of 5 kilos of ammunition can be carried separately from the firearm. Pre-booking is required.

Excess baggage charges

Any other sporting equipment not listed will be charged at excess baggage rate.

If you exceed the stated baggage allowance on your tickets excess baggage charges will apply. Charges will apply both from the UK and overseas at the equivalent local currency if not stated as below:

Short haul flights
Mainland Spain, Balearic Islands, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland
£10 per kilo (€12 per kilo)

Mid haul flights
Canary Islands, Gambia, Egypt. Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus
£12 per kilo (€14 per kilo)

Long haul flights
Canada, USA, Cuba, Mexico, Caribbean, India
£15 per kilo (€20 per kilo) Long haul flights £12 per kilo

Flights to Canada £10 ($20 CAD) per kilo
Flights from Canada £10 ($20 CAD) per kilo
Flights from USA $22 USD per kilo

I have an infant travelling, do they get luggage allowance?

All bookings will automatically receive 10kgs (this must be a separate bag of infant items only)

I am taking a pushchair, is this included in my luggage allowance?

No, this has to be tagged at check in and can be taken as far as the boarding gate/aircraft also the same applies if you were taking a travel cot or booster seat.

I have booked a wedding with Thomas Cook how much luggage allowance do I get for my wedding attire?

Thomas Cook offer one 20kgs free of charge (bag must contain wedding attire only)

Can I take my Wedding dress on board the flight?

No, this must be packed as hold luggage.

When can I add excess luggage to my booking?

We only add on excess luggage to bookings prior to 3 working days (not including weekends) before departure date. After this it would be paid at check in.

If I am taking sports equipment with me, is there a weight restriction?

No, each sporting piece of equipment is charged per item not on the weight.

I work for a registered charity and wish to take extra luggage with me, can I do this and how much will it cost?

Yes, we offer 20kgs at no extra cost with proof of registration, any additional would be at a charge.

I have booked a flight only seat and I have not chosen to take luggage at time of booking, can I add this on with the airline?

No, this must be done via your Travel Agent/Tour Operator up to 7 days prior to departure. After this time customers will have to pay at check in and will be charged excess baggage.

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