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Lotion in Motion

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to keep our customers at the heart of everything we do. Whatever you want from your holiday, we’ll do it for you. So when you told us you don’t want to worry about catching too much sun when in hot destinations, we saw this as a great challenge.

We’d all rather come back from our holiday looking more sun-kissed than lobster-like, so we’ve swapped our sun hats for thinking caps and have come up with the perfect solution to keep you safe in the sun this summer. It’s called Lotion in Motion.

Lotion in motion

Lotion in Motion Drone


With a ‘tan-do’ attitude, we’ve worked hard to find a way for holidaymakers to enjoy the sun. Now, after a lengthy development process, when asked if we can make this happen, we’re pleased to say, ‘yes, we tan!’

Lotion in Motion is a highly advanced sun cream delivery drone which keeps you protected on holiday. Specially designed to carry sun cream; it features Flight Orientation Orbital Lasers to detect your tan levels and determine when you need your lotion topping up. If your levels of sun exposure are too high, a process is triggered, releasing sun cream from the drone. This tops up your existing sun protection and covers the most affected areas of your body.

Tanning man

Customer experience

Certain complexions can’t always cope with the high temperatures we’re faced with when on holiday, so Lotion in Motion is the answer we’ve all been looking for. The presence of this unique drone means that you can spend more time having fun with your family and less time worrying if your sun cream needs topping up.

It won’t be long before Lotion in Motion will be helping holidaymakers stay on top of their sun care and you can experience it for yourself. It’ll be rolled out across our key destinations, starting with the Canary Islands, Greece, Majorca and Ibiza.

Paul Smith, Thomas Cook Archivist

History of Thomas Cook

Our company has come a long way since Thomas Cook organised his first tour from Leicester to Loughborough, way back in 1841. It’s amazing to think that back then, the only means to travel on holiday was by train. We’d be fools to think we’d stop there.

Since then, we’ve had the introduction of air travel, allowing us to see so much more of the world. And now, the advancements of flying mean we can use drone technology to keep our customers safe and protected on the beaches they visit. First trains, then planes, now Lotion in Motion. Whatever next?

You want, we do. Thomas Cook

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