Avg weather in May
14 Hrs per day
33 mm per month
64 % avg
5 Mph avg

Antalya Weather in May

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What’s the weather like in Antalya in May?

Often known as the ‘Turkish Riviera’, Antalya sits on the Mediterranean coast and enjoys a warm, dry climate over the summer months. In May, spring begins to make way for summer as temperatures steadily rise. This brings warmer days perfect for relaxing on the idyllic beaches or exploring the ancient city, with a low chance of rain.


In May, the average daytime temperature in Antalya is a warm 20°C. With highs of 26°C in the peak of the afternoon, it’s the ideal time of year to enjoy the sunshine away from the intense summer heat. At night, temperatures dip to around 14°C so you may need a cardigan or light jacket  in the evenings. For days on the beach the sea is a refreshing 20°C, so it might feel a little cool when you first dip your toes in. With only 20mm of rain expected, there’s only a small chance of showers.

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