Avg weather in March
12 Hrs per day
26 mm per month
64 % avg
8 Mph avg

Mojacar Weather in March

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What’s the weather like in Mojacar in March?

March marks the start of spring in Spain and when the climate really starts to improve. Mojacar weather in March is very mild and sunny during the day with not much chance of rain.

Geographical influences

The weather in Mojacar in spring is mostly influenced by its location in the south-east of Spain. The region has a lovely Mediterranean climate that provides long hot summers and mild winters. In March, you’ll notice the colder temperatures of winter fading and be replaced with warmth and sunshine.


When you visit Mojacar in March, you’ll experience an average temperature of 19°C with lows of 11°C at night. You won’t have to worry much about the rain since the region is quite dry at this time of year with just 26mm of rainfall over ten days of the month. With 12 hours of lovely sunshine per day, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the village, shop in the old town and discover the rich culture of Mojacar.


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