Siam Park and Loro Parque

Avg weather in May
13 Hrs per day
5 mm per month
73 % avg
11 Mph avg


What’s Siam Park and Loro Parque weather like in May?

If you want to go on a great holiday with the whole family this May, there’s no better place than Tenerife. Stay close to the Siam Park and Lolo Parque for quick and easy access to both and treat your loved ones to the family holiday of a lifetime.

Geographical influences

Thanks to Siam Park and Loro Parque’s location in the sunny island of Tenerife, the parks experience a beautiful climate all year round. You can expect to enjoy lots of sunshine and feeling the warmth of the Mediterranean heat against your skin.


Siam Park and Loro Parque weather in May have an average temperature high of 24°C. However, in the evening the temperature drops to an average low of 16°C, which is still very mild but you might want to put on an extra layer of clothing before heading out for the night. There are just 13 hours of sunshine each day in May with an average humidity of 73%. May is a great time to visit if you want to avoid the rain. Overall, just 5mm of rain is seen throughout the month and it tends to fall over two rainy days.

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