Siam Park and Loro Parque

Avg weather in January
10 Hrs per day
29 mm per month
68 % avg
11 Mph avg


What’s Siam Park and Loro Parque weather like in January?

January is a great time to visit this part of Tenerife because Siam Park and Loro Parque weather in January are mostly warm and sunny. Treat the kids to an action-packed trip with water slides, adrenaline-pumping attractions and a visit to the best zoo in Europe.

Geographical influences

Loro Parque has been voted the best zoo in Europe and is sure to provide a full day of fun and adventure for the whole family. The weather in the zoo and the Siam park is usually very warm and sunny, making it ideal for a day out before heading back to your hotel or resort for a relaxing evening by the pool.


The average temperature high in January is a pleasant 21°C with water temperatures of 20°C. The sun shines for ten hours a day, giving you more than enough time to try all of the rides in the morning and finish off the day with a few animal exhibition tours over at Loro Parque. The wind travels at an average speed of 11 mph in January with a humidity of 68%. There’s just 29mm of rainfall throughout the month that spreads across five days of the month. This means it’s unlikely you’ll see much rain during your stay and if you do, the showers will be light and won’t last very long.

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