Praia Da Rocha

Avg weather in June
14 Hrs per day
4 mm per month
70 % avg
10 Mph avg

Praia Da Rocha Weather in June

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What’s the weather like in Praia da Rocha in June?

June is one of the most pleasant times to visit Praia da Rocha because it’s early summer and the weather has improved a lot since spring. Temperatures reach the low-twenties during the day and the evenings are mild.

Geographical influences

Praia da Rocha weather in June is influenced by the region’s subtropical climate. The Mediterranean sunshine beams down on the resort each day of the month, bringing perfect conditions for the beach. There’s a lot less rain in June, which is great if you’re not a fan of the damper side of the Mediterranean climate.


You’ll enjoy up to 14 hours of Mediterranean sunshine per day in June, which is the same as the month before. The average daily temperature is around 27°C, which is very warm and perfect for lounging on the beach. There’s just 4mm of rainfall expected to land in just two days of the month. The humidity is at 70% and winds travel at 10mph.

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