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The weather in Portugal promises blue skies, warm oceans, and plenty of sunshine, even in the winter. This European holiday destination offers long sunny days, minimal chance of rain, and a cooling breeze by the coast, where you’ll find it’s nice and mild even in the winter.

Portugal’s location between Spain and the North Atlantic Ocean means it never gets too cold. The Mediterranean weather in the south means the popular Algarve region sees consistently warm and sunny days. The western region of Portugal can see cooler weather due to the Atlantic winds.

The weather in Portugal is still nice in the winter, with average daily temperatures of around 15°C.  It can get a little wet in the month of January, but rainfall is usually light. Winter nights can also get chilly, so bring some extra layers for those romantic evening strolls.

The temperature starts to rise in April as summer approaches, with an average high of 20°C in the capital city of Lisbon. You can expect at least ten hours of daily sunshine during a typical spring day in Portugal.

Summer’s when Portugal weather is at its peak and the beaches are really bustling, with thousands of beach lovers flocking to the beautiful coastal area of Algarve. With an average temperature of 28°C, visitors are kept cool with an incoming breeze from surrounding regions. UV levels are high, so don’t forget your sun cream. Luckily, humidity levels are low throughout the country.

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