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With its location between the North African coast and Sicily, Malta enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with warm and sunny summers with a higher rainfall in winter.

Temperatures are usually around 32°C in the peak of summer, which is the best time to go to Malta for a warm and dry climate. Temperatures rarely fall below 27°C and you won’t see much fluctuations or lower temperatures until late September.

Cooler weather arrives at the end of autumn and throughout winter. Temperatures are around 21°C in autumn and lower to 17°C in December.

Rainfall is heavier in winter with 45mm to 137mm of rain spread over each month. Stormy weather with strong winds is more likely in late autumn and winter, with winds reaching speeds of up to 16mph. For a drier climate, the best time to visit Malta is in the summer when the average rainfall is just 2mm.

The surrounding sea strongly influences Malta’s weather. Coastal winds blow in from the African continent, which brings higher temperatures sends them soaring to the low-40s in July and August.

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