Avg weather in December
11 Hrs per day
39 mm per month
96 % avg
8 Mph avg

Lapland Weather in December

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What’s the weather like in Lapland in December?

For a holiday with a difference, Lapland is a magical place to visit, especially in December when the winter season brings snow, ice and freezing temperatures right across the region. If you do visit        Lapland at this time of year, make sure you come prepared with base layers, thick jumpers, salopettes and a warm winter coat, along with hats, gloves and scarves. You’ll also need snow boots and woolen socks.


In December, Lapland is freezing cold, with an average temperature of -6°C and highs of -3°C. Temperatures drop as low as -9°C at night, so you’ll need very warm clothes during the day and into the night, especially if you’re visiting with children. Almost three quarters of the days in December bring snow. There’s also a chance of rain, fog and the occasional sunny spell, so make sure you prepare for extreme weather conditions if you visit Lapland at this time of year.

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