Avg weather in March
12 Hrs per day
7 mm per month
75 % avg
9 Mph avg

Maldives Weather in March

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What’s the weather like in the Maldives in March?

With thousands of islands located in the Indian Ocean,, the Maldives are the ultimate paradise holiday destination. March is the hottest month of the year in the Maldives, making it the perfect time to go and bask in the golden sunshine. With clear blue skies and very little chance of rain, you can enjoy getting to know these stunning islands in the Indian Ocean without worrying about wet weather. If there are showers, they will be short-lived. If you love swimming and snorkelling, the sea is beautifully warm so you can spend hours in the sparkling tropical waters.


With average daytime temperatures of 29°C, high factor sun cream is essential on your visit to the Maldives. In the hottest part of the day temperatures can reach 30°C, so seek shade between the hours of 11am and 3pm. With nine hours of sunshine each day, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the glorious weather. Temperatures don’t get much cooler at night, so you’ll be grateful for air conditioning, while average rainfall’s 73mm over the entire month.

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