Avg weather in May
14 Hrs per day
11 mm per month
77 % avg
14 Mph avg

Santorini Weather in May

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What’s the weather like in Santorini in May? Santorini is around 200km southeast of mainland Greece in the southern Aegean Sea. It’s the furthest south of the Cyclades islands and has beautiful Mediterranean weather. You’ll find that temperatures rise quite a lot in May as summer’s peak gets closer, and you’ll get very little rain. Summer is considered to be from April to October, so this is a great time to plan holidays to Santorini if you prefer fewer crowds but still want nice warm weather. Averages The average high in Santorini’s 23ºC in May, which is lovely for relaxing on the island’s black sand beaches. Things cool to 15ºC at night, so you should bring at least a warm jumper for the evenings. The sea temperature is 19ºC, while humidity’s low. There’s 11mm of rain over three days, and you can expect 14 hours of daylight with ten hours of sunshine each day. Remember to bring plenty of sun cream as UV levels will be very high. The sun goes down just after 8pm at the start of the month, gradually getting later.

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