Avg weather in February
10 Hrs per day
76 mm per month
72 % avg
15 Mph avg

Kos Weather in February

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What’s the weather like in Kos in February?

It’s the coldest month of the year in Kos, but it’s still quite mild compared to the winter weather in the UK. Kos weather in February starts off quite cool but gradually warms up by the end of the month, which is a better time to travel if you are looking for slightly warmer weather.

Geographical influences

Kos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. The island is just off the coast of Turkey and enjoys a mild and wet Mediterranean climate in winter. You can expect quite a lot of cloud coverage throughout the month with a good deal of rainfall. However, don’t let the winter weather get you down as you’ll still get plenty of daily sunshine. When it rains, you can visit the island’s museums and ancient sites to escape the wet weather.


The average temperature is a warm 15°C during the day. Temperatures rarely drop below 8°C at night, which is quite chilly so remember to take a jacket out with you in the evening. There’s ten hours of sunlight each day, which continues to increase throughout spring. The average amount of rainfall is around 76mm. Humidity levels are at 72% with strong winds travelling at an average speed of 15mph.

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