Avg weather in December
9 Hrs per day
78 mm per month
66 % avg
8 Mph avg

Kassiopi Weather in December

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What’s the weather like in Kassiopi in December?

The Kassiopi weather in December produces a good deal of sunshine for this winter month and temperatures are mild. It’s the wettest month to visit this charming Greek resort on Corfu, so you’ll need to bring a jacket.

Geographical influences

Corfu’s the most north-westerly part of Greece. Because of its location in the Ionian Sea, it has a slightly colder and wetter climate in winter months like December than Greek islands to the south.


The weather in Kassiopi in December still hits an impressive average temperature of 14°C. This drops to an average low of 7°C on rare colder days. The night time temperature will be between 5 to 8°C on average. Rainfall averages around 78mm for the month, with 13 rainy days, but the showers don’t usually last too long. You’ll benefit from nine hours of sunshine each day on average, with the sun rising at 8pm and setting at 5.30pm for most of December in Kassiopi. Swimming in the sea is not very popular in December as the water temperature’s only 16°C. The humidity level should be about 66% and the UV level’s low. The wind speed around north Corfu at this time will be 8mph.

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