Avg weather in October
11 Hrs per day
58 mm per month
66 % avg
8 Mph avg

Athens Weather in October

What’s the weather like in Athens in October?

It’s the beginning of Autumn, but the Athens weather in October is still warm and sunny and some of the best in Europe. There’s likely to be a few brief showers when you visit this fascinating and historic Greek capital.

Geographical influences

Between October to March, Athens sees an increase in rainfall but there’s still many hours of sunshine thanks to the Mediterranean climate in southern Greece. Athens is in the Attica region, which is one of the sunniest in Europe. Impressive sea temperatures also keep conditions on the land very comfortable.


Escape the busier summer months and make the most of the great climate around Athens in October. Cooler days will only see the temperature fall to about 15°C, but most of the time the barometer should be in the 20s. Rainfall’s not too high at this time, with 55mm across an average of six wet-weather days. The sunshine soon dries any puddles and you can expect six hours each day, with the sun staying up until around 7pm for much of the month. The weather in Athens in October has moderate UV levels. The heat and humidity are also moderate, which means walking along the beaches and visiting the Acropolis and the many other in attractions in Athens will be very enjoyable.

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