Avg weather in October
10 Hrs per day
71 mm per month
82 % avg
13 Mph avg

Copenhagen Weather in October

What’s the weather like in Copenhagen in October?

The last of the late summer sunshine disappears and the cool, crisp autumn climate takes over. The Copenhagen weather in October reaches highs of 12°C and you’ll need a warm jacket and umbrella in this region of eastern Denmark, even though there’s slightly less rain than in September.

Geographical influences

The weather in Copenhagen in October is influenced a lot by the surrounding waters. The Danish capital’s on the islands of Zealand and Amager, with the cold Baltic Sea to the south spreading cool winds across the low and flat mainland.


Some days the temperature won’t reach double figures and it’ll feel quite wintery. On the best days you’ll enjoy conditions around 12°C, but the nights are usually chilly at between 7°C to 9°C. Copenhagen’s oceanic climate sees the water temperature drop to 10°C and the sea breeze becomes moderate to high in October. Daylight hours are still high, with the sun rising at 7.15am and not setting until 6.45pm at the beginning of the month. October produces an average of just three hours of sunshine because of the cloud cover at this time. The showers will be around 50mm across 15 wet-weather days.

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