Avg weather in December
10 Hrs per day
10 mm per month
57 % avg
9 Mph avg

Mexico Weather in December

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What’s the weather like in Mexico in December? There’s different weather around Mexico, which has stunning coastal destinations on the Caribbean and North Pacific coastlines. The Yucatán Peninsula divides the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, and is the most popular holiday spot. You’ll get plenty of hot weather and sun in December, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for holidays to Mexico during the winter. Yucatán Peninsula Large parts of Mexico, including the Yucatán Peninsula, have a tropical climate. Things become less extreme the closer you get to the Tropic of Cancer. Popular resorts such as Cancún and Playa del Carmen don’t have much variation in temperature through the year. You find things a bit more comfortable in December though, compared to the hotter, more humid and also wetter summer months. Averages In Cancún the average high’s 28ºC in December, which drops to 18ºC at night, so evenings are nice and pleasant. The sea temperature’s an inviting 27ºC, which is great for swimming, while humidity’s moderate. There’s 84mm of rain over seven days. You can expect 11 hours of daylight each day with six hours of sunshine. Although it’s technically winter, UV levels will remain high, so pack some sun cream. Sunset’s just after 6pm.

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