Avg weather in August
12 Hrs per day
95 mm per month
64 % avg
8 Mph avg

Mexico Weather in August

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What’s the weather like in Mexico in August? Mexico has a spectacular Caribbean coastline in the east and a lovely North Pacific coast in the west, which does mean there’s differences in weather across the country. The popular Yucatán Peninsula, which forms a divide between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, will guarantee you plenty of heat and sun in August. Yucatán Peninsula The peninsula has a tropical climate that’s similar to large parts of Mexico until you get to the Tropic of Cancer where the climate becomes a bit less extreme. There’s not much difference between summer and winter in popular resorts such as Cancún and Playa del Carmen, although temperatures are at their peak in August. Averages You’ll find highs of 34ºC in Cancún during August, and things don’t get too much cooler at night, with temperatures only dropping to 23ºC. At 29ºC, the sea’s also really warm, while humidity’s very high. Average rainfall’s 181mm over six rainy days, which tends to be in short and heavy showers. You can expect 13 hours of daylight each day with seven hours of sunshine, and make sure you use plenty of sun cream as UV levels will be extreme. Sunset’s just before 7.30pm at the start of August.

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