Avg weather in August
12 Hrs per day
66 mm per month
79 % avg
6 Mph avg

Jamaica Weather in August

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What’s the weather like in Jamaica in August?

With consistently hot temperatures and sunny weather all year round, Jamaica has a tropical climate making it one of the best holiday destinations in the world if you love the sun. In August the Caribbean island is warm, breezy and often humid, while rain showers are also common, so make sure you pack for all weathers.


In Jamaica, the average daytime temperature hovers around 29°C at this time of year and with highs of 33°C you’ll need to protect yourself from the heat by wearing sun cream and seeking shade during the hottest part of the day. The island expects to see around 80mm of rain in August, so although there is a chance of wet weather, any showers will likely be short and refreshing. For relaxing days on the beach, you’ll get ten hours of sunshine each day. The sea’s a warm 29°C, perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

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