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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic enjoys a warm climate all year round, making it a popular holiday destination with coconut trees lining the beaches, mild sea waters and tropical scenery towards the mainland.

Temperatures rarely fluctuate with lows of 25°C and highs of 28°C in the peak of summer. The best time to visit the Dominican Republic is some time during dry season because the climate is a lot drier and just as warm.

During the summer, the weather can get very hot and humid. The wet season is characterised by its heavy rainfall, which is more frequent in the north-east with an average rainfall of 2500mm. You can avoid the worst of it by staying close to the coastline. The mountains see a lot more rain and temperatures can get very low at the highest elevation points.

If you’re a fan of swimming and water sports, you’re in luck. The sea temperature is usually very mild, rarely falling below 27°C. In the winter, temperatures cool slightly because of the north east trade winds coming in from the sea.

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