Miami is Florida’s modern, neon lit resort, whose chic style has made it a favourable holiday destination for families, groups and couples alike. There’re plenty of things to experience from exploring coral reefs and thriving nature, to discovering the unique street art and museums. The vibrant city oozes elegance, with its art deco architecture, luxurious spas and world class dining. It’s no wonder sun kissed Miami is such a hot destination for holidaymakers year after year.


Miami Beach is where you’ll find the majority of Miami’s sandy shore locations. The manmade island was created to be a glamorous holiday retreat, with art deco hotels, bustling nightlife and world famous beaches. Enjoy the long stretch of soft sand, decorated with a string of palm trees along the promenade of Miami’s South Beach. Recline on a sun lounger in the heat and enjoy the views of the glistening turquoise seas. If you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at water sports or join the locals and roller skate down the paved boardwalk. South beach has an upbeat atmosphere and great things to experience nearby like, golf, street performers and plenty of restaurants and bars.

Art Deco History

Miami’s oldest neighbourhood, Coconut Grove was founded in 1873, but most of the historic buildings can be found near South Beach in the Art Deco District. The area contains more than 800 buildings dating from the 1920s to the 1940s that were traditionally white with subtle pastel and gold trims. The buildings were only painted in their iconic bright colours in the 80s to grab the attention of tourists. Walk along the streets of Ocean Drive to enjoy the striking geometric architecture in all its glamour and elegance.

Excellent Nightlife

There is lots going on both day and night in Miami so you’re bound to find something to suit your tastes. After dark, the iconic South Beach comes alive with a fantastic club scene, infused by a range of music styles, from dancehall and reggae to house, rock and R&B. If you want to sample a delicious cocktail or have a relaxing glass of wine, head Downtown to one of the vibrant bars, jazz clubs or salsa venues. Enjoy live music and a range of delicious cuisine from a variety of themed restaurants.