Lake Buena Vista – Weather

Lake Buena Vista weather is very hot, sunny and humid for most of the year with heavy rainfall throughout the summer months. Its location in the Sunshine State of Florida means the region has a subtropical climate with very high temperatures year-round. Winter is mild and ideal for a cooler climate. January has an average temperature of 24°C with evening lows of 11°C. There’s a lot less rain in winter, which means you can enjoy the local theme parks without worrying about getting caught outside in the rain. Temperatures in Lake Buena Vista heat up towards the end of March, reaching pleasant highs of 27°C. The average rainfall is around 83mm in spring, which isn’t as bad as the summer months. There’s at least 12 hours of sunshine a day with an average humidity of 70%.

Scorching temperatures can reach 33°C in summer, which is perfect if you love the heat and sunshine. Humidity levels are quite high at 77% in August, so you may want to spend some time in the pool to cool down during the daytime. Each day enjoys up to 14 hours of sunlight from June to September, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the theme parks and do some sightseeing. There’s a monthly rainfall of 191mm with gentle breezes travelling at 6mph. The weather in Lake Buena Vista remains hot and humid for much of the autumn with an average daily temperature of 30°C and an average humidity of 74%.

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