Kennedy Space Center Florida

One of Florida’s most popular attractions, the Kennedy Space Center takes you on a journey through the stratosphere and lets you explore the epic history of the U.S. space program. The whole family can enjoy activities that are both interactive and inspirational. You’ll get the chance to meet a veteran astronaut, marvel over the authentic Space Shuttle Atlantis and watch a rocket launch before your very eyes!

Visit the IMAX® cinema to watch 3D films and learn about life up in space in the exhibits that showcase hundreds of exciting things to explore. A day at the space center is sure to be unforgettable and is definitely ‘out of this world’!

Getting here

Less than an hour’s drive from Daytona beach and Orlando, the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral is a unique full-day experience. Although there’s no way to get to the space center by public transport, you can book a tour to take you to the visitor complex or you can make your own way by car and park in one of the fee-paying lots on arrival.

You don’t need to worry about booking your tickets in advance, as you can buy tickets at the main entrance. Guaranteed to excite space fans of all ages, you can also upgrade your general admission tickets to include special interest bus tours or a Lunch With An Astronaut experience.

Things to see

There’s plenty of attractions to keep the whole family busy at the Kennedy Space Center. Not only was it named in the President’s honour after he inspired NASA to win the Space Race with the Apollo 11 moon landing, but the center also has an impressive fountain built to commemorate him too. Made from polished blue-black granite, this curved fountain welcomes visitors at the entrance and provides an eye-catching backdrop to photos.

As well as the fountain, you’ll find the perfect selfie opportunity in front of the iconic NASA insignia, or with an astronaut at a live presentation. Stroll around the Rocket Garden and measure yourself against the size of the giant rockets from NASA’s previous Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs.

Having counted down numerous rocket launches, the historic countdown clock has been relocated here after it was replaced with an updated version. It’s considered one of the most-watched timepieces in the world, and you can take a closer look at this retro blue and white clock for yourself as part of your tour of the Kennedy Space Center. Take a walk down memory lane and see where American astronauts are remembered and honored at the Hall of Fame.

Snacks and souvenirs

A full day exploring the center means you’ll need to keep your energy levels up with lunch at one of the four restaurants, or a quick snack at one of the three stands. If you’ve got special dietary requirements, you won’t need to worry about going hungry here. Whether you’re looking for vegetarian, gluten-free or other healthy choices, it’s all catered for at the center.

You won’t want to leave the Kennedy Space Center empty handed either, so visit ‘the world’s largest space shop’ and use up that leftover holiday money on some space shuttle and space-related gifts. For that extra special memento to take home, why not make sure you get a signed autograph from the daily astronaut of the day too.