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Kissimmee weather is pleasant for most of the year thanks to its subtropical climate with hot summer and mild winters. Rainfall is relatively high between June and September with rain falling in the form of short and heavy showers. You’ll need to pack an umbrella for your visit in the summer, which sees the most rainfall of the year. Temperatures are in the low-30s for most of the season with highs of 33°C. You’ll have at least eight hours of sunshine a day with mild sea waters and a cooling ocean breeze near the coast.

The weather in Kissimmee is still hot and sunny in autumn with temperatures reaching the high-20s. It’s hurricane season in Florida, so the chance of a tropical storm is higher than usual although a serious hurricane hitting the area is quite rare.

For cooler temperatures in Kissimmee, visit in winter. It’s still very warm and sunny but there’s less rainfall, which is great for exploring the theme parks and enjoying the outdoor attractions. Spring is another Fantastic time to visit Kissimmee because the weather is very warm and there’s fewer crowds at the parks. You’ll also have over eight hours of sunshine per day, with mild nights and cooling breezes in the evening.

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