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Izmir has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The good weather really gets going in spring, which is a great time to visit if you prefer a cooler climate on holiday. Izmir weather is around 16°C in March and increases to a warm 20°C in April. At night, temperatures in Izmir are cool and enjoyable. From April to June, temperatures stay in the mid-20s, which is perfect for exploring the sites.

If you want to relax in the glorious sunshine, the best time to travel is between June and September. The warmest months are July and August, with highs reaching a scorching 33°C. Mountains on the north and south of Izmir provide protection from the cooling winds, which means temperatures remain high throughout the season. The water is also warm and perfect for swimming at this time of year with an average sea temperature of 23°C.

Autumn weather in Izmir is still relatively warm with cooler temperatures arriving towards the end of November. The daily average is around 20°C with lows of 10°C in the evening. There’s quite a lot of rainfall in autumn and winter, so you should expect frequent showers and an average of five hours of sunshine a day. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 11°C that begins to improve towards the end of February and the beginning of March.

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