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With 300 days of sunshine each year, you’re almost guaranteed clear skies and warm weather in Kusadasi no matter when you visit. Enjoy scorching hot temperatures throughout the summer months of May through to October. The heat rises as the season progresses, with highs of 35°C arriving in July and August. At night, temperatures in Kusadasi cool to a mild 22°C, which is ideal for exploring the region in the evening and enjoying some late night outdoor dining. Sea temperatures peak at 25°C in August with just 9mm of rain per month from June to September. You’ll have 13 hours of sunshine per day with an extra hour of daylight in July, which is the sunniest month of the year.

Kusadasi weather cools in November, which marks the beginning of the cold season. The average temperature is around 11°C in early-winter that gradually decreases to 9°C in January and February. Heavy showers and thunderstorms are more common with an average monthly rainfall of 105mm to 152mm between December and February. Cloudy days are expected throughout winter, which also means there’s just seven hours of sunshine per day. The Aegean Sea is around 18°C, which is too cold for a comfortable swim but it does begin to heat up again towards April.

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