Çeşme – Weather

Cesme enjoys a hot Mediterranean climate with warm sunshine and high temperatures throughout the year. Its location on the coast means the town receives warm winds from the north, creating perfect windsurfing conditions and bringing warmer temperatures to the region in summer. The daily average in July is 33°C, which is very hot and ideal for relaxing on the beach. However, you’ll need to wear plenty of sun protection and try to stay in the shade during the hottest time of the day when UV levels are very high. There’s not much rain in the summer and you can look forward to 14 hours of Mediterranean sunshine per day.

As you move into September, you can expect slightly cooler temperatures in the evening with lows of 12°C. Daytime temperatures in Cesme are still warm, with highs of 29°C around midday. The average sea temperature is around 22°C with up to 8mm of rainfall spread over the month. Rainfall begins to pick up in October and November and the weather in Cesme also cools to the high teens. The average rainfall is around 127mm per month, so make sure to pack an umbrella for your visit.

Temperatures continue to decrease throughout winter, dropping to 15°C in December and 13°C in January. The sun shines for nine hours a day with an average humidity of 71%.

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