There are lots of things to do in Çeşme and the surrounding areas to please a wide range of interests. Set in a remote part of rich countryside by the sea, the natural beauty of Çeşme and the picturesque Mastic Trees are just waiting to be explored. The area has a laid-back atmosphere so live like a local and be prepared to be pampered, by either lounging on the gorgeous beach or bathing in the therapeutic hot springs.

1. Explore Çeşme Castle

Escape the hustle and bustle in the centre of town and head to the picturesque coast for stunning views of the ocean and a chance to uncover the resorts history by visiting Çeşme Castle.
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4. Walks around Çeşme

Wander through the coastal town and up into the stunning green countryside to breathe in the fresh Turkish air. The picturesque setting is perfect for photo opportunities.
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