Situated in a valley near Turkey’s beautiful Aegean Coast, you’ll find the traditional, peaceful village of Ovacik. The small resort is popular among visitors thanks to its proximity to the magnificent Babadağ Mountains. Secluded coves and interesting, ancient ruins make up the breathtaking scenery of the resort. During spring and summer the area is explored by hikers and also popularly viewed from above, as Ovacik is favoured among paragliders all over Europe.

Nearby beaches

As Ovacik is located with stunning views at the top of a hillside valley, the resort doesn’t have a beach of its own, but is surrounded by some of Turkey’s most popular beaches including Ölü Deniz’s famous Blue Lagoon, which is only a 10 minute bus ride away. The towering mountains that sit along the coast shelter the calm, clear waters, making for the ideal spot to enjoy swimming in the cool sea and joining in on the wide range of water sports available to you. The pebbly shore is the perfect relaxation spot for sunny afternoons looking over the sparkling waters.

History and culture

Ovacik is a quiet Turkish village in the Fethiye district. It sits on a small plateau near the bottom of Mount Babadağ, which is highly popular among avid paragliders. The resort has only recently seen development in the last ten years to keep up with the growth of tourism in the surrounding areas. Today Ovacik is a popular destination because of its traditional charm and beautiful surroundings. Wildlife is a big part of the community and it’s common to see goats and chickens roaming freely around the streets.

Low-key nightlife

The modest nightlife in Ovacik is ideal if you’re after a romantic meal or relaxing with a few cocktails under the stars. There are a handful of bars that play music and stay open until the early hours, so dancing the night away is still encouraged, should you wish to. If you prefer a night in, the All Inclusive hotels provide nightly entertainment that’s perfect for families and couples alike.