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The weather in Kalkan is always glorious with plenty of warm sunshine throughout the year. The region is situated along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast and Kalkan enjoys stunning views and a very warm climate. Summer begins in May and lasts until October with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C. With up to 14 hours of daily sunshine in summer, you’ll have lots of time to explore the coast and do some sightseeing. Rain is virtually non-existent in the summer, which means you’re guaranteed excellent sunbathing weather. Low humidity makes the heat more enjoyable and you can also look forward to a cooling sea breeze blowing in from the coast. The sea temperature is around 23°C with highs of 27°C in July and August.

Kalkan weather is mild and sunny in autumn with a slight increase in rainfall. Temperatures are around 18°C with cooler nights and lows of 7°C. The most rain falls in December and January, which both have an average monthly rainfall of 167mm. The sun shines for eight hours a day that continues to increase in March and April. Temperatures in Kalkan in spring are warm with a daily average of 19°C and light to moderate rainfall spread over the season.

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