The charming resort of Icmeler can be found on the stunning Aegean Coast in south west Turkey. Originally a quaint fishing village, Icmeler is a laid back alternative to its vibrant neighbour, Marmaris. The picturesque resort is ideal for families, couples and groups who want to escape the working week to warm weather in a relaxing atmosphere, something that this traditional Turkish paradise offers in abundance.

History and culture

Once a small fishing village, its customs are still celebrated throughout this charming small town. From its whitewashed buildings to its picturesque harbour, Icmeler has created a good balance between its traditional roots and a modern tourist resort.

Holidaymakers only recently started visiting the picturesque resort just 20 years ago. The surrounding towns began to get more attention because of the growing popularity of its bustling neighbour, Marmaris. Today it’s a great basecamp for visiting some of Turkey’s most popular historical sites like the ancient ruins of Hierapolis and the 16th century Marmaris Castle.

Lovely beaches

Enjoy a day at the resort’s Blue Flag paradise and bask in the unspoilt beauty of this long, golden beach. Like any great beach in Turkey, you’ll come across thrilling water sports and excellent snorkelling spots that’ll keep you entertained for hours. Or if you prefer, relax on a sun lounger underneath a shady umbrella. There are plenty of beachside restaurants and bars to refresh after an afternoon on the sand.

If you fancy a walk, you can take a stroll through the lush, green mountains to take in the stunning views of the coast. For those early risers, you’ll be treated to a beautiful sunrise that glistens as it’s reflected off the shimmering water.

Exciting nightlife

Once the sun comes down the town comes alive with an array of bars and restaurants that stay open late into the evening. Sit back and enjoy the sunset as you dine on a traditional Turkish feast. After a delicious meal, the waterfront is a popular after dark hotspot as it’s where you’ll find live music, karaoke, entertaining shows and lots of opportunities to dance. If you’re looking for something a little more upbeat, head to Marmaris, which is only 15 minutes away, to find vibrant nightclubs and music bars.

Icmeler Location

If you’re wondering “where is Icmeler in Turkey?”, the answer is that you’ll find it on Turkey’s south-western coast, about 8km from Marmaris and roughly an hour and a half’s drive from Dalaman Airport. Surrounded by perfumed pine forests and with a beautiful, horseshoe-shaped bay, this superb resort is for those who want to enjoy the quieter side of Turkish life, but with access to the bars and nightlife of nearby Marmaris for a kicking night out.

In the air and under the water

Beyond the pine forests on the Icmeler map you’ll find a mountain range which is popular with hikers, horse-riders, and cyclists. Ölü Deniz’ Babadag mountain is the setting for the region’s Air Festival, which sees paragliders launching themselves from rocky outcrops and taking to the skies. Ölü Deniz is also home to one of the area’s greatest secrets: the Blue Lagoon. Wreathed in powder-soft sands and with clear, blue waters, it offers perfect conditions for scuba-divers and snorkellers.

Neighbouring Marmaris

Look on the Icmeler map and you’ll find that Marmaris is just across the bay. While it’s easy to walk there from Icmeler’s buzzing promenade, it’s even more fun to catch a water-taxi and head over to Marmaris in a few minutes.

Where is Icmeler in Turkey?

As part of the famous Turkish Turquoise Coast, Icmeler’s beach is ideal for families and couples looking to spend some quality downtime together. Clean and safe for even timid toe dippers and
tiny tots, the beach is maintained by the locals who are fiercely proud of this stunning part of the Turkish coastline. Book your break in the spring or autumn for the best sightseeing weather, or in the summer for some serious sunbathing. When you get back, if anyone asks you “where is Icmeler in Turkey?”, the only decision you’ll have to make is whether to tell them, or to keep it a secret!