Saklikent Gorge

If you love to explore and be active while you’re away, make sure you visit the incredible Saklikent Gorge on your holiday to Fethiye. Around 45 minutes away by car, it’s one of the deepest canyons in the world and an impressive sight.

Saklikent is Turkish for ‘hidden city’, and the breathtaking canyon is some 300 metres deep and 18 kilometres long. You can only enter the canyon in the summer, once the snow has melted from the Taurus Mountains and passed through to the Mediterranean Sea.

There’s a small entrance fee to get into the canyon, but this should be included if you’re visiting as part of a tour. Making your way through the deep cut in the rock, you’ll have stunning views of the striking cliff faces. Take care as you make your way through the water, as it’s deep in places.

The hike through the water can be challenging at times, so it can be difficult for small children. There are some fantastic sights along the way though, including spectacular rock formations, a waterfall that you climb up to and a lovely restaurant by the water.

Make sure you wear suitable shoes that can get wet, as you’ll struggle in the water in flip flops or sandals. There’s a shop just before you enter the park where you can buy plastic shoes, which will help you avoid stubbing your toes on submerged rocks. You should also wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet, as this is almost guaranteed to happen, whether you’re going for a slow walk, tubing or rafting down the rapids.

After your visit to the Saklikent Gorge, go and see the ancient ruins of Tlos which are nearby. Or head further south to the interesting site of Letoon, before making your way back to Fethiye and watching the sun go down at Calis Beach.