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Dalyan enjoys a lush Mediterranean climate, so you can expect summers to be long and hot and the winters to be mild and damp. The Mediterranean Sea is very mild and helps to keep temperatures high all year-round. Dalyan weather in winter varies from lows of 6°C to highs of 15°C. The coldest temperatures occur overnight, with January experiencing possible nightly lows of just 4°C. A waterproof jacket is necessary at this time of year as the region has around 14 rainy days a month.

The weather in Dalyan in spring is warm and sunny with drier conditions and just five to ten rainy days per month. The average daily temperature is 17°C in March that increases to a pleasant 26°C in May. The sun shines for nine to 13 hours per day, giving you plenty of sunlight to explore and enjoy your time in Dalyan.

The summer is the most popular time to visit, with sunny weather and clear blue skies throughout the season. The good weather begins in June and lasts until October with highs rising above 30°C. Average sea temperatures are around 23°C with less than 3mm of rainfall per month between July and August.

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