Dalyan is a beautiful village in southwest Turkey and although it‘s situated inland, an intricate maze-like river flows through, creating beaches and bays for relaxing afternoons under the sun. The picturesque resort is popular for its stunning surroundings and tranquil setting, which is perfect for a romantic trip away.

Interesting beaches

As the river curves and winds around tiny islands, bays are created, so expect to find beautiful beaches in remote areas. Travel by boat along the water to find Iztuzu Beach, nicknamed Turtle Beach, for a long stretch of soft sand in a unique setting. The picturesque beach is a protected loggerhead turtle nesting reserve so is usually closed at night. Relax under the sun in front of the green, pine backdrop and swim in the calm, shallow waters.

History and culture

The once working fishing village still has the harbour in the heart of the resort. A big part of Dalyan’s culture is the river that flows through the thick natural surroundings. The calming sound of the tide lapping up against the shore only adds to the relaxed ambiance. The fascinating history of the area is hidden among the rich greenery along the riverbank. Dalyan’s most admired feature, the ancient Lycian Tombs, can be found carved into the rocky cliff side dating back to the Roman period.

Food and drink

The small village has a variety of delicious cuisines to try in the range of restaurants and cafés along the waterfront. Wander down to the main street to find more restaurants and bars that provide an idyllic spot to eat and drink in a serene setting. The nightlife here is quite relaxed, although some of the bars do stay open until the early hours.

Every Saturday a market takes over the main streets. Have fun haggling with the local sellers for a fair price as the market stocks everything from locally grown fruits and vegetables to handmade clothing and quality, designer inspired goods. After a long morning shopping, stop off for some lunch and enjoy the resort’s most popular item on the menu, Gözleme (filled pancake), and watch the boats sail past along the river.