Gumbet is a beautiful Turkish resort, with a stunning beach for lazy days in the sun and a picturesque countryside which is perfect for exploring. From boat rides to jeep safaris, you’ll be able to go off the beaten track and find something a little different from a normal holiday. The area is also a popular place for celebrities to go for their holidays, so you may even see a familiar face or two.

Have a Segway Tour around the city

If you want to have some fun whilst seeing the best of Gumbet, hop on a Segway and take a tour of the city. Aegean Gingers Segway Tours will show you how to use a Segway and then guide you around the city, visiting places that no other tour goes to. You don’t even have to worry about grabbing any holiday snaps as your guide will do for you that free of charge.

Visit the Underwater Archaeology Museum

The Underwater Archaeology Museum has a unique twist. You won’t find any boring old exhibits here just lots of exciting wrecks and artefacts that have been found over the centuries. Make sure you check out the oldest wreck ever found which hails from Ancient Egyptian times; it’s been painstakingly restored.

Party the Night Away

Gumbet has lots to do when the sun goes down, and the vibrant nightlife is open to anyone. You can easily find restaurants that have friendly atmospheres and delicious food. For those who want to party until the sun comes up, you’ll find a dance floor with great music that’s sure to keep you dancing all through the night.