What are the best places to visit when hiring a car in Gumbet?

When hiring a car there are various local resorts to visit, the most popular are Gumusluk, Yalikavak and Turgutries. Here you can experience a totally different atmosphere to Gumbet especially in Gumusluk which is really quite traditional and has excellent fish restaurants. Generally full insurance is provided with the car and a local map, you are required to provide a copy of your driving licence and generally the hire company will take a copy of a credit card as a guarantee in case of any damages. Driving in Turkey is very different to driving in the UK as we drive on the right and all of the cars are left hand drives. Rules and regulations are not always obeyed by the locals and they can be quite impatient drivers.


What is the nightlife like in Gumbet? What are the best bars and clubs in Gumbet?

Gumbet is full of nightlife, from bar street clubs, fun family bars to relaxing beach bars.
However there are some indoor after-hours nightclubs which are open until 9am.
The main bars popular with UK travellers are Vogue, X bar and Temple and are located on bar street (approx. 15TL drinks).
There are some larger clubs on Bar Street which mainly play Turkish music, such as Posh, Pasha and Sultan, however drinks are more expensive here (approx. 30TL for a drink). These larger clubs occasionally host events where Turkish DJs and singers perform and therefore charge entrance fees.
There are three main after-hours clubs, Bodrum Club which is located on Bar Street next to Vogue bar, Murphys which is a gay bar located five minutes from Bar Street, and also the Hemera nightclub.

There are many family bars located all around Gumbet. They play a variety of pop music and the bar staff usually get everybody dancing to Saturday night or the Cha Cha slide. There is also a popular Karaoke bar we recommend called Yates, located at the top of bar street.

For a more chilled out atmosphere, you have Outback bar, which is at the top of bar street, with its Australian surfer-themed décor. Drinks costing approx. 15TL , and the music is very chilled and good for a night out. They also have beer pong tabled here at the height of summer, ask at the bar for prices.
One of the bars on the beach front, called The Beach Hut, is nice for an evening, where house music is played and you can relax on the comfortable sofas.


Can I sunbathe topless in Gumbet?

Topless sunbathing is accepted however it may be considered offensive on beaches which are less touristic and where there are more locals present.


How expensive are drinks in Gumbet?

Drinks in most bars cost between 15TL-20TL (approximately £4-5), however in the larger bars/clubs this can reach 30TL-40TL (£8-10). Beer – Efes, is the cheapest which you may be able to get for approximately 10TL-12TL in most places.