Bodrum is the place to be on the Turkish Riviera and not only because of its fabulous beaches, it’s a lavish, modern resort that’s full of hidden historical wonders. Take a trip to the harbour for underwater adventures and to the prehistoric Castle where you can learn about ancient shipwrecks and touch real unearthed artefacts. The resort even gives visitors the opportunity to act like a queen and watch an entertaining live concert on the historic steps of Bodrum’s magnificent 4th century amphitheater.

1. Visit the Castle of St. Peter

The magnificent Castle of St. Peter, also known as Bodrum Castle, sits proudly along the beautiful coastline protecting the harbour. Favourable among history buffs and those after a break from the energetic city,
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5. Boat trips

Why not head down to Bodrum’s picturesque coast for a boat tour that will have you sailing across the waves in the mystical Mediterranean Sea. If you want a party cruise or a more peaceful day,
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