Pamukkale Turkey

Relaxation is key at Pamukkale, pronounced Pah-Mook-Kah-Leh; the natural beauty of the outdoor mineral bath spa is a favourable hotspot for locals and holidaymakers alike. Calcium-laden waters trickle down the cliff’s face leaving behind a white snow-like surface called the cotton fortress, which then flows into warm, shallow springs. It truly is a beautiful display of nature at its best.

In the ancient ruins complex you are given the chance to bath in the cool waters of the Pamukkale Antique Pool, which is sometimes called Cleopatra’s Pool. The delightfully sculpted, columned bath was said to be a gift from Roman politician, Mark Anthony, to Cleopatra and collapsed as a result of an earthquake in the 7th century. The ancient ruins are submerged in thermal, blue water and surrounded by lush, green shrubbery making it feel like you are swimming in wondrous ancient Rome.