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Kemer is located at the bottom of the Taurus Mountains, which means it’s often sheltered by approaching cold winds that blow towards Kemer from southern Turkey. The warmest time of the year is between June and September when temperatures reach highs of 33°C and the sea is a warm 28°C. There are 300 days of sunshine per year, so you can look forward to daily sunshine no matter when you visit. You won’t have to worry much about getting wet on your holiday since there’s less than 10mm of rainfall per month in summer.

Autumn brings slightly cooler weather to Kemer, but it’s still quite hot with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C. It gets a lot wetter in October and November compared to previous months. The average rainfall in October is around 65mm that rises to 115mm in November. Despite the rain, you’ll still have up to ten hours of sunshine per day.

Kemer weather is cooler in winter with an average temperature of 14°C to 16°C during the day. At night, temperatures in Kemer lower to around 5°C, so you need to pack warmer clothes for the evenings. It rains on 13 days a month, often reaching an average rainfall of up to 200mm.

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