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Goynuk enjoys warm weather throughout the year. From April onwards, you can expect temperatures to reach the high 30s with a very small chance of rain. Sunshine is guaranteed in the summer, with up to 15 hours of lovely sunshine per day. The average temperature for June is around 27°C that increases to 30°C in August. Humidity levels are moderate to high at around 70%. If you’re feeling hot, you can cool down in the Mediterranean Sea which is around 28°C with a refreshing sea breeze travelling at an average speed of 6mph.

The weather in Goynuk cools in autumn, reaching 20°C in November with lows of 9°C on a particularly cold day. The sun sets at 6pm, giving you an average of six hours of sunshine per day. There’s an average rainfall of 115mm in November that decreases to just 39mm by January.

Goynuk temperatures drop significantly in winter to a daily average of just 4°C. Cold winds contribute to the cooler climate, so make sure to pack warm layers for your visit. By the time spring arrives, temperatures in Goynuk have increased to 23°C and you can expect up to 14 hours of sunshine in May.

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