Nestled on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, Alanya has always been a desirable holiday destination and was even a wedding gift that Roman politician, Mark Antony, gave his beloved Cleopatra in 44BC. With its striking views from the coast and magnificent inland landscape, its beauty still lives on today. The attractiveness may be what draws you to the resort, but it’s the activities available, both day and night, that will make you want to stay.

Excellent beaches

Alanya is well known for its beautiful beaches and turquoise waters. You’ll be spoilt for choice as the resort has several fantastic beaches close by, all with up-to-date amenities and sun loungers to recline on. Its most famous is Kleopatra Beach, which is said to be the place where Mark Antony and Cleopatra used to spend their holidays. We can understand the attraction, as the striking views of the coastline and clean golden sand is enough to bring anybody to its shores.

History and culture

The popular resort has both a contemporary and traditional feel to it and is located on the south west coast of Turkey. This means that anyone wanting to travel here can expect to find long stretches of golden sand and beautiful, turquoise waters. Tourism in the city developed in the late 1950s as many people came to Alanya to visit the Damlatas Caves, which are well known for their healing qualities. Alanya was once called Korakesion, which translates, to beautiful mountain, thanks to the rocky landscape and magnificent mountains that surround the area.

Food and drink

There are plenty of great places to eat and drink in Alanya, with variety to suit any appetite. Whether you want to sample traditional Turkish delights or even Belgium waffles and crepes, this resort has it all. Vintage Brasserie & Winehouse is a popular restaurant that has a hassle free approach to fine dining. If you don’t know what you want to order, the helpful staff are on hand to recommend delicious dishes. Sample freshly made cuisine and drink from the carefully selected wine menu in a calming, cosy setting.

As well as the food, Alanya is also home to a selection of bars that open daily. Grab a partner and dance in the Latino themed bar or boogie the night away on the two dance floors to the latest music at the Havana Club. Have a fresh, fruity cocktail or two and party the night away under the indoor palm trees.